Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why is that many Indians wrongly consider Hindi to be India's national language, when it officially has none?

1.Neither the Indian Constitution nor any Indian law defines any National Language for the country 2.India has more than 20 official languages with Hindi and English being the all India official languages of the state,namely the central government. 3.The Eighth Schedule to the Indian constitution lists 22 languages that the Government of India has the responsibility to develop.
HYDERABAD: At a time when an intense debate is going on in the two Telugu-speaking states over the behaviour of North Indian leaders towards their southern counterparts, TRS MP K Kavitha said Hindi-speaking and other north Indian parliamentarians get preferential treatment in Parliament whereas MPs from the South get little attention. 
“Northern states are more populated than the southern. Because of this, there are more representatives from the north. Besides, several Prime Ministers who ruled the country in the past hailed from north. Because of all these factors, there has been discrimination against south Indian leaders for several years,” she told mediapersons in New Delhi on Monday.
Reacting to the ‘racist’ comments made by BJP leader Tarun Vijay on south Indians, Kavitha said strengthening the regional parties was the only solution to checkmate the north Indian hegemony which is due to the higher number of MP seats from north. 
The TRS MP expressed admiration for TDP founder NT Rama Rao and Dravidian parties in Tamil Nadu for trying to retain the identity of the southern people.
AP chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu and Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, tried to retain the individuality of the south at the national level with their respective regional parties, she said and praised both for their continuous efforts to strengthen regional parties in the country.

Taking potshots at the major national parties, BJP and Congress, the TRS MP further said, “Only after the advent of regional parties in the south has the voice of southern people begun getting heard at national level.”
On Tarun Vijay’s comments on the complexion of south Indians, she said, “His comments are very unfortunate. As he has already expressed regret for his unsavoury remarks, let us leave the issue there. But, by making such comments, leaders like him are lowering their stature.”